Fase di Moda presents “Amber” Beachwear Collection.

The exceptional Collection of Amber swimwear and tunics was presented on the HRH Royal Barge Gloriana in St. Catherine’s Dock in association with LYJAPS. With the collaboration of fashion icon “Jane Taylor” creating hats adorned with amber, exhibition visitors witnessed a glimpse of what happens behind the scene in the fashion industry. Fashion TV filmed the fashion show on the Gloriana and demonstrated the process of creating professional photo-shoots with models presenting the “Amber” beachwear collection.

Fase di Moda is recognized for the use of Amber in fashion items providing beauty and health to those who wear the unique designs. The present collection reflects unique patterns of insects, which were trapped in the amber during its formation millions of years ago. The Fase di Moda pure silk fabric prints integrate this mode in the tunics, swimwear and beachwear of Irina Dobbs latest innovative collection. These exclusive, one-off items are only available through special order and will be the highlight of fashion and ideal for luxury yachting while offering the healing power of amber to those who wear it.

Category: Recent Events
Date: April 2015
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